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Blackmagick Sails
Specialists in radio control racing sails
In 2010 Alex Caamano (ESP 40) wins the Iberico
championship using our sails and places 4th in the Spanish
Nationals to back up Jan Marcos with the win (see below)
               Sail orders
Call direct to discuss your needs NZ (64-9) 634-5891
or email
Spanish nationals 2008, Eventual winner (insert) Juan Marcos Egea ESP 90, leads Guillermo Beltri ESP
47 , the two dominated the contest winning 15 of the 17 races, both boats carry Blackmagick Sails.
               Juan Marcos also wins 2010 Spanish IOM Nationals
             Sail orders
Call direct to discuss your needs NZ (64-9) 634-5891
or email
Proudly all our sails are designed and made in New Zealand
     but tested world wide
All sails are made in New Zealand
Craig Mackey at the worlds 2011
Craig talks us through his experiences at the IOM world
championships in England
Marblehead racing
Carl Smith wins Sears Rose Bowl 2012
2nd Grant Lane      3rd Bill Bradley
Podium clean sweep for Blackmagick Sails
Using top class sails can make the difference between winning and
loosing races. Top sailors know this and always use the best, leaving
nothing to chance. Why not let us help you to get that winning break on
the fleet.
Grant Lane wins 2013 Auckland Anniversary Reggatta for the Marblehead
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Craig Mackey (no214) wins the USone
metre champs. 2012
2nd Dennis Rogers (no5)
3rd John Castelli (no15)
Podium clean sweep for
Blackmagick Sails
Craig Mackey taken during the 2013 USA IOM
Craig Mackey has one of those moments during the
Cow cup 2014, loosing by just the one point you
have to wonder did this incident sink his chances for
outright victory?
John Whalen  no18 wins the
US one metre champ's
2014 with 8 year old
Magicksails, they must be!
Contact Carl and the boys down in Tauranga if
you are looking for quick IOM's and
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If you live in the world of mainstream news casts, radio, TV, and newspapers, you have
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not be given all the facts.

We are about to change that!

If you value your health, if you wish to  be kept abreast of leading edge science and
political events to name but a few subjects then this is what you need to keep yourself
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