Enjoying the short contest I had, 63 is about to round the wing mark chased by Ozzy
entrant Ralph White (70), as most of the fleet still head for the weather mark. 63 leads
all the way.
63 gets another good start in the contest proper, race three, the second day, this
time we have a little wind in Auckland. I get half way to the windward mark
before transmission problems become apparent, I had dropped the transmitter
early in the morning, not the thing to do it would appear! 63 is first to the winward
mark in every race contested bar one, what might have been will have to wait for
another year. What is not in doubt, the V6 is fast in any conditions.
63 heads back on the wind to the finish while the rest of the fleet heads for the lee mark. Yes I was enjoying
What might have been?
63 drifts to another victory in the practice races
First offical race of the 2007 NZ IOM nationals, 63
gets the prefect start, right on the line at the gun, with
clear air and speed, this takes us to the windward
mark first.
thanks to Harold Forrest for these fantastic action