Blackmagick sails
Mainsailsails: I have made mainsails out of every weight and material
type you can imagine, from heavy to light, from cloth to mylar.

All sail testing to date has suggested that the lighter the material used
the faster the yacht will sail. This has to be balanced with a material
that will stand up to the demands of the IOM A rig for eg, from zero
wind to maybe 15knots at times, not an easy task.

At the present time I am using 50micron mylar film (white) on A, B
IOM mainsails as a standard all round performer. 75 micron for C rigs

Light weather sailors might like to try the 36micron mylar mainsail to
get more feel for their boat in winds up to 5 knots.
The Jib: New design cuts have allowed us to make the IOM A rig jib out
of the same material as the mainsail, (50micron mylar) this gives great
stability at the top end of the range with good light weather
performance as well. If you set it up correctly.

I have found in very light A rig conditions the lighter material
(36micron) gives more feel making the jib easier to read, and as many
countries have more light wind conditions than they do heavy it makes
sense to use the 36micron material.
So what do we have for you to choose from.
Mainsails:  Standard IOM A & B mains are now cut out of a 50 micron
white mylar film. 75 micron for the C rig
The option on the A rig mainsail for light weather is the light 36micron
(white) mylar.
I don't recommend this material for beginners in radio yachting.

Please note; We recommend you attach the mainsail to the mast in all
rigs with a jackstay also know as a wire luff line. failing that go with ties
or luff rings

Headsails: IOM A rig jibs  36 micron mylar for top class racing in lighter
conditions, or for heavier conditions the 50 micron mylar which is good
for most anything.  
B  rig jibs  50 micron mylar.
C rig jibs 50 micron mylar or 75 micron mylar.

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