Here's what  Steve Landeau, winner of the Texas Midwinter IOM Series 2001  
had to say about our sails.
Hi Alec,
I feel I need to share this win with you, I am sure your sails had a definite role
regarding the sometimes amazing boat speed I experienced. This was with your
newest 4 panel main. In a couple of heats I was at least 2 minutes ahead in a 10
minute race.  Steve was using a Martin Firebrace designed Ericca.......see my
web site for more info on Martins designs.
Customer comments
Victoria sails for Morris Metcalf,
Received your sails and immediately installed them, They have great shape
and appeared to be exceptionally fast. won first three club races out of the
barn. They drew a lot of comments...........please enter a new order for two
additional sets.....!
S 75 sails from Holland, Michel Piazzini.

I received the sails Saturday, and been sailing on Sunday for the first race.
Well done I sailed 6 races 5 times first and one second. They all like very
much the shape and the cloth you used.
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Marblehead sails Queensland Australia. Alan Kemp.

Thought I would let you know that the A and B sails you made for me at
Christmas behave beautifully. The boat appears to be sailing straighter and
Quicker. Thanks very much.
One Metres from Portugal. Anibal Santos.

I had the opportunity to test the B rig this morning in our weekend practice
races and can inform you that I have won all of them, seven, always
considerably ahead from the second.
Again from Anibal.
We had last week the St. Peter Regatta, one of the most participated in
Portugal.....almost all the big shots showed up......In this two days event we
managed to race 28 heats and blackmagick Sails were again on top.
I finished first overall with 5 firsts, 8 seconds, and 1 third.
I admit that I have still work to do on my new boat..but your sails have again
proven to be very fast.
One Metres Croatia. Zoran Grubisa.

My brother Robert ordered from you IOM rig 1 sails, that he sailed today
and found your sails very good and four of us want to make the same order.
One Metres again Australia, Ivan Tan.
Hey .....thanks for a great set of sails......I'm now WA State Champ.
Conditions ranged from drifters to B rigs ...used the super light main u
made for me and it was great.
Victoria sails Rob le Roux,
I sailed for the second week with your sails, they are incredible!!! We get
very light winds here in Georgia in the summer and the sails respond faster in
the light winds than any of the other victoria sails (those include Carr, MPI
and Danny Thomas sails) The sails seem to "talk" to me and I can see from
afar when they are performing at their optimum. Thanks for a great product!
Peter Cousins, Tasmainia IOM.
first, second, third, first, in the first four races in a 19 boat fleet, how good is
that? the boat went from being very ordinary to climbing to windward of TS2's
and Fog's. Great sails made an ordinary sailor look good.
Doug Bowe, Victoria class, Florida.
Alec, I can't believe it! Using Blackmagicksails I was able to come from
behind in the last race of the day and win the inaugural Floria State
Championships for Victoria class sailboats. We had winds from 0 to 12
knots all day, shifting about 40 degrees at some points. I was able to beat a
small (11 boats) but very talented field. In 16 races I had 5 firsts and 5
seconds. Trust me on this, your sails made a difference!
Craig Mackey top USA boat at the IOM worlds 2007,
Alec the sails were very good, I had great speed to windward, but for a few
things going wrong on the last day I should have finished in the top ten.
Sorry to say I have not up dated this page for years, but I'm sure you get
the idea, we have won a lot of regattas with our sails