Craig Mackey at the worlds 2011
USA 29
First off if you get a chance to go to a world championship you should, personally I think it's worth
every penny you spend. West Kirby Yacht Club the venue for the 2011 IOM worlds has been
around for a 100 years and they know how to run a regatta. Even the beer was cheap, the after race
functions were great it was easy to mix with all the other competitors and officials alike making it very

My personal aim for this contest was a top 10 finish, I used a borrowed hull a Lintel, these boats are
very fast in a breeze but a little tricky to sail in the light. I fitted it out with my own rigs and sails. I feel
if the wind had stayed up for the entire contest a top 10 would have been more than possible.
Of course you always have to allow for the unexpected in any contest and I had plenty of them to
contend with..
Day one

Most of the tune up time pre-contest was
B or C rig so when the seeding races came
around with A rig conditions on the water
my tuning was way off and I was slow I
finished 11th and found myself in the E
fleet for race 2,
The breeze had come up and we were
now on B rigs I progressed up to the C
fleet but problems with the mast ram saw
me fall back into the D fleet.
Race 3 was no better after being taken out
on the start line by a port tacker and
suffereing a  broken jib sheet I was back
down on E fleet.
Race 4
I sailed up through the fleets to finish the
day in the B fleet.
Not the start I was looking for!
Day two was B rig weather all day, I sailed in the A fleet most
of the day apart from a rudder servo which failed midway
through the day and put me into the B fleet for a race.

Day three was much the same using the B rig all day with 6 top
10 finishes in a row

there was a rest day

started day four on A rigs and was once again slow, had trouble
getting good starts, still managed to sail most of the day in the A
fleet with the occasional trip down to B.

Day Five was again similar on all counts

Day six the  I was in 13th place just 4 point of 11th but
the mainsheet caught on the keel screw and I finished 14th
overall in the contest

Craig suggested his Blackmagick Sails looked great and
performed well he was very happy with them.

Below the web site of the 2011 world IOM championships here
you will find many more pictures and the final finishing order of
all competitors.
Link to worlds web page