Right now this page is mostly directed at the new comers to R/C racing, I expect
some of the experts might be able to tell me a few things so i'll try and keep it
simple and stick to the most important items of concern and importance.
Things to do and not to do! when setting up and
looking after your Blackmagick sails for racing.
The jib luff should never be
over-tensioned as with the
mainsail only in the very
top end range of each sail
should you need to put any
real tension on the luff
In light weather never set your
side stays to tight let the rig relax
a bit not to much backstay
tension let the jib luff sag a bit
adding extra fullness and drive to
the headsail
The odd crease from the luff of jib or
main is not so bad it means you have
not over tensioned them.
Remember most B/M
mainsails are made
from mylar film while
it is very stable under
sailing conditions its
also easy to damage
when handling it and
storing it. the biggest
danger of all is excess
heat, always try and
cover the sails you'r
not using if they are to
be left in the car, it
gets very hot in there
during summer the
seams are glued, to
much heat will melt the
seams and could even
distort the mylar
material! And if you
crease it, expect it to
stay creased. Handle
with care!
When you first get you B/M sails they will have most likely been rolled for ease of shipping, hang
them up on the wall for a day or two or fit them to your rig so they have a chance to straighten out
before you use them.
Never try to Iron out a crease you will most likely just melt the material
If you'r putting your own numbers on, use water proof Ink it will not shrink like stick on
number do and distort the sail in the heat of summer! Its also smoother for the air flow.