A few Ideas, tips and tactics
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                   Alec Newald Blackmagick Sails designer
             The Kiwi Boats: The late 'Martin Firebrace' designs.
         Ian Vickers V2 - V3 - V5 - for V6 see my club page
         Some ideas to help with setting and trimming your sails
        The Latest Sail design ideas concepts and materials
                    Beginners guide to Tuning your mast
     Price list for the most common R/C Classes
                        Telltails how to use them or not!
                                    International R/C links page
                 Helping to finding that extra click of speed
              Blackmagick wins a few back in the early days
                     Under-rated design!...The Eureka
                            It just kept getting better
            What do customers have to say about the product 
                      Some on water shots of B/M sails
  My club....best sailing in Auckland see you there!
            The Fog!  The Vapour, is there another? (maybe?)
Looking after your new sails and setting them up for your first sail
Email Blackmagick direct discuss your sail requirements and options
        A few more sailing tips if you think you still need them!
                             Special link to Victoria class in Canada
Top Wellington IOM sailor Mike Garden is making the V5 for Ian Vickers. Contact Mike direct by clicking here if you want more info on the V5. Mike is an Engineer and will make a first class job for you.
           This lower section covers local IOM designs and ideas
  List of some major wins by B/M thus far, let me know if 'you' win big!
                               Rigging and Tuning the V5 for racing,
You can now also pay for your sails with paypal,
     secure on line transactions, ask me how.
        For Sail orders Please

        Tel: NZ (+64)-9-634-5891
Juan Marcos Egea (ESP 90) in action during the 2008 Euro IOM champs. Juan Marcos won 3 of the first 4 races in this regatta, some by a wide margin, to clearly lead the contest after day two, until bad luck and shifty winds took the overall win away from him. Juan Marcos the man to watch in European IOM racing over the next few seasons. Blackmagick is proud to be his sailmaker of choice.
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Proud to be Kiwi made in New Zealand
Blackmagick Micro Magic sails in action