It would be great if we really could just call on a wizard to do the
hard stuff for us, the results on this page are only here because
some on my customers have really put in a grand effort and they
have won against the best of them. Feed back from many of them
both heartens and pleases and also allows one to learn and take
that next step forward.  I can't name everyone but you know who
you are, and here then are just the national titles, the rest are far
too numerous to list.   Thanks Guys.

2001 NZ Marblehead champs

2001 USA IOM champs

2001 Canadian IOM champs

2001 NZ IOM champs

2002 South African IOM champs

2003 USA IOM champs

2003 NZ IOM champs

2003 Canadian IOM champs

2003 NZ EC12 champs

2003 USA marblehead champs

2004 USA marblehead champs

2004 Portuguese IOM champs

2004 Croation IOM champs

2005 Irish IOM champs

2005 Canadian IOM champs.

2005 USA IOM champs.

2006 USA IOM champs.

2006 Irish IOM champs.

2006 South African IOM champs.

2006 Spanish IOM champs.

2006 Spanish Victoria champs.

2006 Argentinian IOM Champs.

2006 NZ EC12 Champs.

2007 NZ EC 12 Champs.

2007 Spanish Victoria Champs.

2007 Irish IOM Champs.

2007 IOM World Champs. France, 2nd place.

I am sorry I have not up dated this page over the last few years we
have won so many championships it was impossible to keep track
of them all. trust that we are winning many each year and check in
at my front web page for the lastest winners that I know about.
Many sailors use our sails and win championships but they do not
report their winnings to me all the time so I can't post what I don't
know about..
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